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Email Flyers offer a comprehensive selection of email publishing and email marketing services. The main features of the programmer are detailed below, however other Email Flyers Services are available on request.

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Publishing and Marketing Strategy
Work with a team of experts to develop your email distribution goals and an action plan.

Email Publication Design
Templates are available in plain-text, rich-text and HTML format, with template creation tools and ongoing design management.

Email Mailing List Management
A variety of solutions and platforms to meet your email mailing list management and hosting needs.

Promotion and Marketing Email Flyers Service
Our email promotion and marketing Email Flyers Service will help you grow your subscription list, attract new customers, allowing subscription users to un-subscribe.

Branded Email Marketing

The Email Flyers branded email marketing solution can look and feel like your current web site. If you have a preferred design, we can tailor the Email Flyers solution to match this completely, even down to your online advertising and sponsorship banners.

Adding Copy
Because our branded Email Marketing tool is built with your current look and feel, all you need to add is your copy. There's an online WYSIWYG editor application which enables you to see on the display screen exactly what will appear when the document is finally sent. This differs from most word processors which are incapable of displaying different fonts and graphics on the display screen even though the formatting codes have been inserted into the file.

Upload of Documents
Email Flyers allows you to upload Word documents, images, logos, photos, graphics, branding elements, presentations, Adobe Acrobat PDF files, HTML documents, video or music files direct into Email Marketing Tool. These are stored within the Email Marketing Solution, in a gallery which can be used again at any time.

Upload of Database of Emails
This solution allows you to upload databases of emails which are supplied in tab delimited format.

Email Templates
If you have several departments and you would like to send a different look and feel email from each department, this is easily achieved by being able to choose, match and then merge the appropriate template and list.

Save Emails
Email Flyers allows you to save emails to send at a specific date and time later date - just like a press release embargo.

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